Thursday, July 14, 2011


Finally, after a year tomorrow we set off for our Kayak trip, third for me and second for Julie. We have everything packed and organized.

Was hoping to get an early start tomorrow but Julie has decided a last session at "cross-fit" is in order, I see how this works, I do final packing and she relaxes, hmmm just like last year. Lol, we don't leave till 11 so all good.

We head down to pick up our yet unnamed Kayaks from MEC and then off to Kingston, tomorrow is a travel day and won't be on the water until saturday AM.

So excited and now off to bed so tomorrow comes quicker, feels like christmas

Hope you enjoy our blog over the next couple weeks and Julie will kick in and start her own blog posts soon so you don't have to read just my random ramblings.

Note to self, pack rye and vodka, almost forgot and remembered as I was typing this post. Whew.

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