Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 8-Julie

On our way to Burritt's Rapids today...half way through our trip so we must turn around at this point. Unfortunately we will not make it to Ottawa! Time does not permit. :(

We are paddling through canals and swamp now so we have been told we aren't missing much as far as scenery goes.

We only did 10k today. Arrived and set up camp by noon. We found a small local beach along Rideau trail. Actually had sand! We didn't have to dodge weeds! Its the small things! We packed us up some beers and hung out with locals and good tunes for the afternoon. Watched a bunch of kids play and had a "Mommy" moment...missing my kids big time!!!

Back to camp for a siesta...seems to be the routine...wonder if I can nap in my storage room at work when I get back? Kind of getting use to this!

People aren't as friendly on the Rideau. Lock staff and boaters are not as welcoming or sociable.
So...645pm two big boats pull in and only 1 spot left to tie up for night. Jeff doesn't even hesitate to interrupt his dinner and help these $200,000 boats. Not a thank you or a smile was given. Very ungrateful and unappreciative! He then offers advice on how to tie up because they were struggling. I could see the glare in the one guys eyes and read his mind..."You're in a kayak buddy wtf do you know about boats". Little does he know that Jeff grew up on the water!!!

Went on a date tonight to see a band at bar\convenience store\laundry mat\coin shower. Only building in town so cram it all into one I suppose.
Wore my good shorts...oh wait these are the same shorts I've worn the last 3 nights...and my clean T-shirt. All good...we fit in perfect! Band was a little mellow for my liking but hey...better then hanging out with all the "stuffy" people on the big boats!

We are literally steps away from the lock wall where all the big boats park for the night and hook up to power so they can run their A\C all night. Its a full house tonight! Going to be a loud long night!


  1. Julie am sure there are many more adventures in store for you both if you continue your trek to Ottawa...please convince Jeff it's no hardship for me to go out on an adventure myself..

    Could easily pick you both up in Ottawa....

    No plans for weekend other than early Saturday morning sooooo head that kayak east

  2. you missed an awesome band at the Eton House on the Danforth on this night (mellow was not on the menu!) Smog and police cars are the order of the day in the city... Much better than this clean living stuff.

    Too bad you guys won't make Ottawa... but if you actually paddled longer instead of quitting at noon, you would make further progress! (written as I sit in an armchair stuffing my face with Ruffles)...