Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 0-Julie

Hit the road around 12pm after saying goodbye to my "little girl" Jade and "little pig" Lily! A few tears were shed:(
Not 15 mins on road and Jeff...aka "Mr Good-Deed-Doer...springs into action! Turns out Hwy 400 is closed at Mt St Louis Rd. Lisa is on her way to cottage and he navigates her through the back routes. Hope you made it ok Lisa :).

Picked up kayaks and we were on road to Kingston by 2pm. Smooth sailing all the way. Oh except for when we lost foam pad that kayak rests on between roof oF truck and kayak. Good thing Jeff is good at "Frogger". He dashed between cars on hwy and rescued our pad. Whew!!!

Unpacked...packed kayaks (to make sure everything fit)...unpacked again...set up camp...and romantic 1 year anniversary dinner of canned mushrooms, veggies and canned salmon...yummy! :). Wouldn't want to spend it any other way xoxo.

Until tomorrow......

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