Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 15 - Jeff

Interesting night last night, but was brutal, first, deciding to setup camp on a 10x10 beautiful spot 20 feet over water sounds like a great idea until you realize you have dropoffs on all 3 sides and it's pitch black, I actually tied off my zipper so couldn't go out my side (julie left me a 2 foot ledge with rocks below), worse though was another "montrealer" had his generator going all night, there is actually a specific generator rule at the locks, no generator after 10pm or before 7am. Wtf is it with people, dude do you need AC and satellite tv that bad?

Got up at four, woke him up and asked politely to turn off, he then said oh sorry were you camping here? Ok, really? You sat in your boat drinking and waved to us, can't miss us, we are the tent 50ft behind you up on the ledge, hmmm. He said would turn off but simply turned down, didn't have the energy to fight. A few others complained to lock master in the morning and lock master woke him up and told him not to do it again or couldn't stay any more.

Had breakfast, packed up and portaged down to the water and off we go, have something like 18k to do today.

Was a beautiful day and couldn't ask for any better, km's flew by and was very comfortable, was good to give Glen a day of no rain and sunshine, sure he appreciated.

Stopped for beer run a Seeley's Bay and stocked up for our last night,15 beer, 4 coolers and a bottle of Rye and some coke, about all we could manage to stuff in any available spot, almost went back to get more and strap to the deck.

First beer down by 11:20 on the water.

Reached our final camp spot early and quickly set up, afternoon in the sun and cold drinks wooohooo, they might have gone down a little too good, stock was getting low by dinner time.

Just before dinner, couple shows up in kayaks, they decided to go kingston to ottawa and stay in Bed and Breakfasts along the way, added a tent and sleeping bags just in case they needed. Just in case? Are you serious? Barely see a store along the way. Food was literally, trailmix, granola bars and two plastic cups for water, not even a spoon. Offer up cold beer because we know what it's like, down two more, opps son shows up on bike to wish them well, down 3. Glen gives me a hard stare.

Few minutes later, two ex-marines show up doing same trip to raise awareness/money for disabled vets who need special prostetics, great cause. They are stocked to the nines, ration packs and all, no beer, I so want to give them cold beer but know if I do, well, let's just say I might not be able to do this blog, mutiny!

Julie keeps calling out "Jeff for Mayor" because I keep helping random people and giving away our stuff. Our anthem, btw is "qui" more a battle cry because there was this french lady saying it but sounded like a duck "qqqqquuuuiIi" all nasally, we randomly throw it in whenever we hear someone speaking french.

Make dinner and send leftover pasta to couple with no food, also fill em up with hot coffee seeing as they are about to crawl into a single person tent, no mattress or pillows, did I mention my 3 person large tent may not fit them either? It was like you see in walmart where some larger person buys clothes four sizes too small and squeezes into them.

We run out of alcohol and so time for bed, tomorrow is an easy 8k to the finish line.

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