Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 5 - Jeff

Best idea ever to stop at Poonamalie Lock for the night, quietest night of the trip and slept like a baby, out by 10pm and woke up around 8. Having just paddled 32km might have had something to do with it. Coolest scene, walking back to tent after washing up for the night and there were fireflies everywhere, so cool how they just light up, could see them right through the tent

After waking up, went to washroom and when I came back Julie had our tent packed up, never seen her move so fast, think she really wants a day off! Made coffee and skipped breakfast, we were off by 9. Strong headwind and realized no matter how many km's in a day it's the last 3 which are the toughest, in this case we only had three to do and every 2 minutes Julie was like, are we there yet? Are we there yet? Not much to tell about the paddle as we were only out for half an hour, oh, Julie got swamped once, she hasn't learned proper brace technique yet not matter how much I instruct her.

Arrived in Smiths Falls and had camp setup by 10, time to enjoy a day off. First order of the day, breakfast, funny little diner called "Roosteraunt" lined all with rooster this and that, great food though, I had eggs Benedict and Julie a western omelet, wasn't 5 minutes later Tim Hortons was in hand, ahhh home sweet home. Walked through Smiths Falls which is a beautiful little canal town and reminds me of Fenelon Falls and Cambelford combined. Did prerequisite laundry at the local coin laundry then off to camp site to relax for the afternoon.

Trip to Beer store (one of many) and swim off the pier, was great, would get hot, jump in and swim to cool off, drink beer, repeat (ok coolers but had alcohol content). Then put out the hammock and Julie and I took an afternoon siesta in the shade, was great, cool breeze coming off the lake and wasn't hot at all. Hit the beer store to stock up for tomorrow and then for dinner followed by Tims and Dairy Queen. Oh ya was running low on pepper so scammed 100+ packets from local Harveys, it's a wonderful thing.

All in all a perfect day off, ready to paddle again, not sure Julie feels the same way. ;)

I am about to have a shower now, portable, fill with water hang from tree and sun warms, very cool and works like a charm, Julie just had one and said water a little cold so I will go fill with hot water from washroom for mine.

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  1. where is the drama? What about some crying jags and/or an intervention? WHAT THE HELL KIND OF REALITY SHOW IS THIS???