Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Way to go Parks Canada

If you followed along over the last 2 trips you would know how much of a pain it is to land a kayak at the Trent Severn locks, 4 foot docks meant for yatchts and large boats isn't easy on a paddler, heard that the Rideau Canal sytem is much more forgiving and Parks Canada has announced they have put in 75 new low lying docks exclusively for use by paddlers.  woooohooo, what a treat that will be.

Trip Update

It's been awhile since I have updated the blog...  Trip is still a go and set for July 15th thru August 2nd, all equipment except for food has been packed and organized, all that's left is to finish planning route.

Took for granted how much easier it is to leave from home and have someone pick up at the finish line, this year we are departing (yes Julie has decided to brave another trip and I guess I, achem Couchiching didn't scare her off completely) from Kingston, traveling to Ottawa via Rideau and back to Kingston, total distance of 409km.  Debated trying to figure out how to shuffle vehicles but in the end it is just a pain in the  ass.  Might still guilt brother into drop off/pick up but that is pushing it even for me.  Just have to find a place to park truck in Kingston for two weeks.

Still may decide to only go one way to Ottawa then rent car to get back to Kingston and spend a week in the thousand islands around Kingston.

I do have the intended course plotted and will update google maps when I get a chance .

Kayaks have been reserved through MEC Toronto and one day I am actually going to buy one.

Countdown set for 24 days, weird to think it has been a year already, getting excited.