Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 0 - Jeff

Feels so nice to finally be all settled in and ready to go in the morning, just came in to tent to get away from inevitable mosquitoes so figured a good time to do a kick off post for our trip, Ben Harper playing on the stereo, yup brought my ihome speakers and nice to have good music to match good company. ;)

Left Julie's place around noon after taking pet pig "Lily" for a goodbye walk, really was so she didn't see me packing bacon into the truck. Picked up kayaks from Mec and was pretty uneventful, on the road by two, a little traffic in the city but after that smooth sailing, until of course.... I caught a glimpse of the support foam holding kayak to roof bouncing across the 401 opps, pulled over quick and had to dodge traffic to retrieve it, we were only 50k from Kingston, would have sucked if kayak bounced along road, they are meant to float not skid. Julie was supposed to keep an eye out but she decided a sleep was a much better use of her time.

Got to Kingston lock at 6:15, bought our lock passes for 300 and lock master made it very clear we probably were dumb to leave our vehicle at the lock, oh well, it's insured, he has my number and will call if it happens to disappear. He did recommend a camp ground down the road so we checked it out but they no longer do parking, locks it is.

We unpacked the truck and did a full test pack and whew everything fits (barely) way too much food. Setup camp and then just relaxed and made some dinner, nothing fancy, mushrooms, veggies and tuna (for Julie) followed up with evening coffee and sunset walk.

New tent rocks, dual doors is much easier and the extra room inside helps.

Did pick up a hand carved slingshot in the shape of a moose, some old guy carves them, way cool, look out ducks and swans, Julie will probably use it on me for snoring, hid it in the food bag, last spot she will look, I do the cooking.

Julie has the same kayak from last year, complete with the trent severn sticker still attached, mine is a foot longer this year and extra room is nice, the fact that there is no rudder means I actually have to learn to paddle correctly this year, Julie said "Better you than me!"

Looking forward to first day of paddling, oh forgot rye and vodka, damn!

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