Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 5-Julie

Left Poonamalie by 9am. Our earliest departure to date. I blinked and we were in Smith Falls and done for the day! Set up camp by 10am and the rest of the day off!

Had a home-made breakfast at a place called "The Roosteraunt". Roosters everywhere. Great food!
Hit Canadian Tire (just so Jeff could walk up and down the aisles)... Walmart so I could get some muscle pain meds...and of course Tim Horton's.

Found a laundromat about 2k from lock and now have clean clothes again!

Stifling hot day so we decide to hit the beer store (which we can see from our tent)...grab some coolers and hang out by water in the hammock.
We only got 4 drinks at a time (no cooler) so we went back twice so we had cold drinks. The 3rd time (getting beer for tomorrow) girl says "I can't serve you I've already served you today". This after we asked what time they closed at on our last visit so we could buy beer for our kayak trip! Oh oh....I've seen what happens to Jeff with out his cigarettes...give the man his beer lady!!! "You didn't serve me lady...I'm buying". Success! Whew!

After a liquid lunch we needed some real food. Swiss Chalet for me...Harvey's, Dairy Queen and Tim's for Jeff. He's not feeling so good now. Hmmm...might be all the grease and sugar. I'm just saying is all?!

I tried out the pocket shower tonight. Basically its a black bag which you fill with water and hang from a tree. The sun warms it up and have a warm shower at night! Open the spout and out the water flows. Worked not bad actually. Except for the fact that a little girl (10yrs old) from The Netherlands literally stood about 10 ft from me and watched me wash. Had a bathing suit on but still...a little privacy here please!

Why is it that no matter where we are the local fishermen plant themselves right next to us and decide that this is where the fish are biting tonight?! Arghhhhh!!!

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  1. ha figured it would have been Jeff standing there creeping at you. and yes, good thing that beer girl relented and sold beer to JP. It would have been like 70's Bill Bixby from the Incredible Hulk TV show. "Mrs Beer Girl, don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry".