Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 14 - Jeff

Glen snores loud, Julie can smack me when I snore but with Glen she has to get up and go one tent over, I think I get double smacks because she thinks its me.

Well, Glen sure got an introduction to Kayaking today, I almost feel bad for him, we got up, had a hearty breakfast, eggs bacon, coffee, cookies and start packing up, looking a little overcast.

We set off and the instant we get into the lock it starts to rain, Julie and I put up umbrellas and start putting on rain gear, uhhhm, didn't we remind to bring a rain jacket and umbrella? Opps.

No matter how much rain gear you have on there was no escaping getting wet today, the good news is we cared less about being swamped, partly because we were already wet, partly because nobody else was dumb enough to be out there. We were soaked and it was a torrential downpour for the entire 5 hours of paddling. Was nice actually refreshing and calm waters so as long as not cold better than fighting wind or sitting at camp in the rain.

Decided to go off the beaten path, some local (scary looking dude) told us about some cool rock formations/cliffs in the lake we had to go through, "road trip". Detour around lake, added some extra km's but was a short day to initiate Glen anyway. Rocks were neat but definitely not worth the trip if we had anything better to do, got some pictures which I thought were neat.

We saw a few muskrats today, one popped up in front of Julie, couldn't resist, told her to watch her hands because the eat meat, was funny to see her try and paddle with her hands 2 feet off the water.

Paddle back to Jones Falls a little iffy, looked like lightning sky all the way so planned out a few ditch points just in case, never had to use them, got to Jones Falls around 2ish and given our experience on the way up, didn't know what to expect.

Locked pretty quick though, when we got to last lock of 3, lock guy asked if we wanted to take out from the lock instead of the bottom, we said no thanks will camp at the bottom to save a lock, hmmmm who knew there was no camp spot below, this time Juile a little annoyed, even more so when lock guy pushed back about us locking back up, her words "excuse me we have a seasons lock pass, we can go up and down all day long if we like". She did think I was being overly nice so I got smacked too after. Needless to say we locked back up.

Had dinner at local greasy spoon and then a walk up to the whispering dam, very cool, when was built it was largest dam in north america and 3rd in the world, if you stand at one side and a person at the other, you can whisper and have a conversation, we tested it out, works.

We have the coolest camp spot of the trip, will post a picture but its at the edge of the lock, 40ft up at the edge over the water, I get water side, hope I don't stumble. Glen's tent is 50ft away.

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