Thursday, July 21, 2011


Don't know what time it was, just that it was very early when about 50 Geese landed outside our tent and started their day! My god those things are loud! Jeff being the sweetheart he is got up and tried to scare them all away so I could sleep. I got another hour and was still up before 7am. Can't wait to sleep in a bed!

McD's for coffee. Packed up camp and got some frozen veggies and chicken for dinner tonight. And oh yeah more mushrooms...we both love those.

Today was 45 with humidex and very windy...thank god for that! While we were on the water we were fine. Just kept dipping our hats in and splashing ourselves off. Its when we stopped in locks that we really felt the heat!
Only did 12k today. Wind was at our back most of the day. Surfed across most of the way which was great!

Kilmarnock Lock is home for the night. One of our nicest camps. We have the whole one side of lock to ourselves. Lots of trees which means lots of shade! Lots of privacy :).

Jeff's new nickname is "Kermit". Not only can he dodge traffic like "Frogger", but he can catch and kill flies with the swoop of his hand...2 at a time!!!

Uneventful night...not much to do in this heat. Played cribbage (I lost again) and now taking cover in tent to escape mosquitoes.

So hot that we are not putting rain cover on tent tonight so we get a breeze. Don't think Jeff's too happy about this. Think I'm on my own if it rains in middle of night!
Wish me luck!

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  1. what do you need lots of privacy for? Do you have something to hide?