Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Good nights sleep when I finally dozed off. Was hard to relax with the goings on of the day and the fact that there was "rif raf" everywhere. They seem to hang out at the locks!

Woke up at 6am to sunshine...fell back to sleep and woke up at 8 to rain...arghhhh! Went for coffees while Jeff made me breakfast:). I like that deal. I took Jeff's cheap mangled umbrella with me and upon return he accused me of breaking his umbrella! I think not...but blame me if you must!
So, what does he do...turns around and fakes walking into tree branch and breaking mine right off the handle!? Wtf?!!!!! Game on Baby...game on!

Off to Walmart we go to buy 2 more umbrellas!

We are on water by 1030am and have wind in our face. Not to bad though because we are still in channels and swamp. After we pass through Poonamali Lock we are out onto Rideau Lake...not fun!!!

About half way across with white caps forming on waves and I am getting scared and tired...thunder rumbles and we see lightning behind us! Ok...not good! We make it across lake to a swampy smelly cottage area and park on a random dock. No-one is home...whew!
2 doors over we see cottage is for sale and vacant. HOME for the night!

The wind still hasn't died down and its 930pm. I'm dreading tomorrow if I have to paddle into wind. Nothing fun about that! But, don't want to let Jeff down.

This is probably our best campsite this trip. On a point tucked into some trees and very private. And its free! Jeff filled his portable shower with water from hose at house then boiled 2 pots on his stove. We actually had our first hot shower since we left home almost 2 weeks ago!!! Why didn't we think of this sooner?!

The plan for tomorrow is up early pack and hit the water before wind gets to bad.

"Dear god...please stop blowing"

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  1. Good news: clean picturesque FREE campsite.

    Bad news: paddling near Camp Crystal Lake and the cottage belongs to some dude named Jason. Weird knife / pitchfork collection in the kitchen too. Oh well.