Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 4-Julie

Today is our longest paddle day scheduled...32k to the next lock in Poonamalie. Beautiful day...great conditions...awesome company...but damn does my ass and shoulder ever hurt today!
I broke down and took 2 tylenol to help ease the pain. Worked for about an hour then over-use set in again. No aspirin is going to help me. I think I need an easy day!

Found a Marina at about the 25k mark. Chugged an ice cold root beer! Yummy! "Mean Ol Jeff" made me get back in my kayak and do another 7k. Please someone make him stop! :(

As soon as we arrived and unpacked at lock for the night the lock master tells us its only 3k to Smith Falls from here! We thought it was 9k and planned an easy day for tomorrow. Guess its going to be easier then we thought!
I think even had we known, we were both done at that point!

I have a feeling tonight is going to be an early one!!!

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