Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 16-Julie

Today we reached the "Summit"....

Woke this morning to the chatter of military dudes at 6am. Look guys...this isn't the army...we aren't all up at 6...keep it down!!!
I'm up now...let's get things going and start our final day.

Jeff ("Mr Mayor) makes oatmeal and coffee for the other Kayakers who came equipped with trail mix, granola bars, cigarettes and rye. We think they might need a little more then that.
Have I mentioned how grateful I am that Jeff is my "Captain". We didn't need or want anything...he took such good care of me!!!

On the water by 830 am to start our 8k day. Or so we think! Oops! "Bad news GPS was off, its really 18k today" Arrgghhhh! Let's get it done then!
Hardest day so far. Into the wind the whole time! Felt like we were hardly moving. Only thing that got me through was the fact that I get to see Tristan and Jade today...that and 12 werthers...yup, I'm an addict!

Made it to Kingston Mills in 4.5 hrs. Never been happier to get out of that kayak. My feet hit ground and I was done! Jeff went to get truck and Glen and I walked up the dock to check things out. Turn around to go back to kayaks and see Glen's is on its way back out to sea! Noooooooooo! Damn I have to get back in kayak and tow it back in! Tie up your boat BOY!

One final bath in the lake...pack car...drop off Glen back in Chaffey's...and homeward bound.
I am now sitting in car. Finally a padded seat...ahhhhh!

16 days of great paddling and adventure. 16 days with my Man!
A great holiday with lots of memories.

Tip over
Get hit by lightning
Get sick
Run out of pepper
Break anything (except our umbrellas)
Run out of food
Have a shower
Get killed by car launching off swing bridge into canal
Get Attacked by crazy Raccoons
Have car stolen from Kingston Mills

Have fun
Got great tan
Got lots of exercise
Met some interesting people
Witness a heroic act
Laughed at Jeff
Laughed with Jeff
Become addicted to Werthers
Miss my kids terribly

Until next year.........
Thanks for following! Xoxo.

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  1. 0600hrs was not early....we were sleeping in. You were probably woken by Rob since he speaks louder out of habit (his wife is deaf).
    We'll try to be quieter next time we share a campsite with you.
    It was fun meeting you guys, even though you were