Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 14-Julie

Lesson #1...when camping with 2 men that snore, set up 2nd mans tent far away from yours...not right beside your head!
Needless to say, had a sleepless night...the 2 guys slept well though!

Set off with our guest (Glen) at 930 am. Started to rain lightly as soon as we got into lock and continued to rain until we got into last lock 5 hours later! Not the best weat
her conditions but was warm and no wind which means no waves! I am happy about that!

We decide to do some sight seeing as we have a short distance to travel today. Heard of this 100ft rock we had to check out because of its splendor! So, Jeff maps it out on GPS and off course we go. Turns out not to be so spectacular...but, hey what else are we going to do in the pouring rain?!

We were very thankful for rain jackets and kayak skirts today...poured the whole time we were on the water. Our hands and feet were actually white and shriveled from being wet for so long!

Lucky thing for us though, the rain stopped when we got to Jones Falls so we didn't have to set up the tents in the rain. Whew...nothing worse then wet gear!

Jones Falls is a 4 step lock system. Takes about 2 hrs to get through to bottom. So, we are entering our last lock before bottom..."Do you want to get out here or take out at bottom" lock master asks. "We will just get out at bottom" says Jeff.
We get to bottom and find out we have to drag our kayaks and gear back up big hill to first lock pass. The lock master didn't explain this to us. So, I say we are going back up lock one step to make it easier. Lock Staff member (who was an ass the first time we went through here last week) says we can't because we just came through! We have a seasons pass which means we can go up and down as many times as we want "Fat Boy"!!!! Jeff says its fine we will carry all our stuff back up (he just wants Mayor votes)...I on the other hand get vocal and finally the big boss tells us we can come back up. For some reason us "little kayakers" get no respect or consideration from others. Very frustrating!!!

We grabbed a bite at store...burgers and fries and sausage and salad for me. Boys had ice cream...and I just watched and drooled!

We checked out the Whispering can actually stand at either end (300 plus feet) and whisper to each other and hear loud and clear! Very cool!

The sun is now shining and very nice out...hopefully tomorrow we get some sun...last 2 days are upon us!

Ended the night watching Sheet Lightning in the distance...but a clear sky above us with millions of stars shining...what will tomorrow bring?

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