Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 2 - Jeff

Note to self, don't set up tent on a hill cause you end up moving down during the night, I know better. We both had a restless night sleep and boat beside us had A/C running all night. I woke up at 6am and started organizing and getting ready for the day. Julie rolled out of bed around 8am. Finished off the last of our bacon for breakfast, yum yum, also had some banana oatmeal, new stove rocks, so much easier, hope the butane lasts.

Rideau has smaller docks which are great for kayakers, unlike the 4 foot trent wall docks, we were off by 9:30 again as we fall into our standard routine, Julie does tent while I do breakfast and move gear to boats, then we both stuff em full and push off.

Man did it start off hot, could tell when we were not gone 10 minutes and already dipping hats into the water to stay cool.

Scenery did a complete 180 and we paddled through some of the most beautiful areas, was incredible and I could stop and stare all day, and as luck would have it, I would get the chance.....

Hit Jones Falls lock at 1:30ish and omfg, worst lock I've ever been to, they literally locked through once in 3 hours, not a boat lining up on our side. Nothing worse than just waiting, oh well, seemed important at the time but isn't really, think I was just jonesing for a smoke so was irritable and no patience.

Locked through at 430, (takes 45 minutes to go up the 3 step lock) and now the afternoon wind picks up bad and the next 10k is directly into 25km headwind, Julie isn't happy with me at this point and I know she is tired.

We finally make it to chaffey lock at 6:06, after about 30km day, store closes at 6, sigh. Setup, shower, change and off to dinner, no cooking tonight.

Went for nice dinner, overpriced but food wasn't bad, mine anyway, Julie had some extra hair in her salad which I doubt should have been there. Finished with a to-go coffee in what I can only describe as slightly lager than a shot glass. What? No xtra-large triple-triple?

Calling for a storm tonight but oh well, tent is waterproof and might cool things off a bit.
Way cool, hundreds of fireflies buzzing around as I type this.

Another great day.

P.S. I set tent up under a light post, I'm an idiot. It's like a flashlight shining through the tent. Doesn't seem to bother julie who is fast asleep.

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  1. mmm hair salad. Why aren't you setting up that tent on an island or beside a swamp? Setting up next to the docks? That's not roughing it, you're a damned cheater.

    guy who thinks slow room service is roughing it.