Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 1-Julie

Did an easy 18k today. Ugly dirty water and scenery was drab! I settled in nicely this I never got out of my kayak. Only thing sore was my shoulder...but that's an injury I've had for a while thanks to Crossfit.

We got to our campsite around 2pm. After we set up and went for a swim, Jeff and I took turns napping in the hammock. Ahhhh...Life Is Good :)
We were both exhausted from first day of paddling and heat!

We are basically in the middle of no-where so no stores around! I would kill for a cold drink!!! I stumbled upon a hose faucet outside lock master station and find that we can drink water here(last lock we couldn't) and its freezing cold! Its the little things that make me happy! Ahhhhhhhh....:)

After dinner and lock staff leave we charge phones in bathrooms. As we are waiting having our coffee we meet a couple of "Granolas" that have inflatable dingies and just got back from a nature paddle (with no life jackets). They are bbq'ing steak and drinking COLD BEER! They offered me a people...a cherry?! Seriously about a beer!!!!

In tent by 930...mosquitoes and exhaustion have taken over!

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  1. A cherry? A damned cherry? I would have gone Pompeii on them and stolen their beer and steak and choking them out on their own granola.