Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 9-Julie

Fell asleep to the sound of French conversation....woke up to the sound of French doggies barking..."Oh mon dieau". ArghhhH!!!

So today we start our paddle back home. We debated going on to Ottawa and having Jeff's mom pick us up on our way back to wherever we could make it. She offered...we would never ask that of someone! Thank you so much Betty that was sooooo sweet and kind of you! However, we decided to stick to our plan and head back west. Besides, a friend of mine might be meeting us Thurs night at Chaffey's Lock.

Ran out of eggs and bacon so today is first morning of trip that we haven't had! We have been eating relatively healthy...better then last year for sure!
Fruit cups, coconut butter, and protein bar it is.
On water by 930am. Calm and hot today makes for an easy 10k. I think we spent more time sitting in locks then we actually did paddling!

Back in Merrickville. Staying at top of lock this time so feels like we are in a new place. Man its a busy little town on Sunday. Park is full of people having picnics and ice cream and watching the locks.
Once we set up we head to grocery store and buy fixings for salad and sandwiches. We have our own little picnic then head to a patio for a beer.
Walked the streets and browsed some ice cream and the best licorice toffee ever!

We then tried to find a spot to read our books and relax...couldn't get comfy around camp so we decided to get a coffee and find a patio to read on. We found a patio alright. Only problem was that there were 2 old guys playing a "gig". So, no reading got done and no coffee got drunk...ordered drinks and enjoyed some "blasts from the past". Hung out with the locals and we were there so long we ended up having dinner there as well! Fun times!

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  1. haha French doggies barking??? "Le woof! Le bark! Le yap yap!"

    No bacon and eggs? Guess thats the end of the Atkins diet for you two. Sugar is a no-no for the South Beach, you'll have to improvise.

    The only thing better than 2 old guys playing a gig is 4 old guys playing a gig. Welcome to my world.