Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 4 - Jeff

Woke up at around 5:30 this morning, for some reason just waking up early, last night was a little stuffed up so sure that didn't help. Let Julie sleep and just lounged around and enjoyed the sunrise, bright orange sun, was cool. Made some coffee and did my blog just in time for Julie to get up, at the same time generator dude kicked into full gear. Argggghhhh.

Did our typical eggs for breakfast and then packed up camp for what was expected to be a short relaxing day, amazing how things change...... Pushed off at 9:30ish. Lockmaster at narrows did the project to build all the canoe/kayak docks on the Rideau and thanked him again, so much easier, trent waterway 4' high docks suck.
Our kayak friends left about 45 minutes before us and we caught them within the hour, incredible how fast these 18 foot kayaks can travel, and that's loaded with gear, hit 12kph at one point today.
Was a slight headwind for about the first 3 hours but nothing crazy and hardly noticed, was just nice to have a cool breeze. Calm flat water for the rest of the day.
We debated taking two days to cross Big Rideau but in the end we did it in one shot, have to take the good weather when you can get it, it can be a nasty lake I hear if the wind picks up, better to cross when conditions are perfect, they were certainly that. Water is crystal clear and the scenery is spectacular, breathtaking actually and enjoyed all of it.
Our first option to stop was Colonel By island where they have waterside camp grounds, little more of a paddle but was only 9km into day so we passed that option, we were both feeling great. Second option was at Murphy's Point park where the campsite is in a secluded point overlooking lake, passed on that too, we were only halfway and weather too perfect to pass up. We are definitely staying there on the way back.
In all we did 32km today and at the halfway point to Ottawa, so much for short day. We are both tired but think Julie more so, I am a stronger paddler so I paddle then rest and wait, then paddle along easily, she doesn't get a rest and her shoulder acting up.
Stopped only 3 times today, first two were 5 min bathroom breaks and the last was at Rideau Ferry Harbour for coldest rootbeer ever. I pushed her hard today and feel guilty. Tomorrow is a well deserved rest day.
Smith's falls is another 3km from where we are camped at Poonamalie, we just could get energy to paddle another stroke, will have dinner her then in the morning pack up (1 hour) paddle (30 minutes) unpack (1 hour). Going to spend the day in Smith's falls, do some laundry, relax, re-supply andf have a nice dinner with real cutlery and glassware.
Dinner menu tonight, sauté mushrooms, mixed veggies (peas/carrots), vine ripened tomato soup, salmon and lemon pepper tuna + for me mr noodles (chicken) saving the chef boyardee ravioli for another time ;) and beer of course, followed up with a nice french vanilla coffee and walk.

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  1. what the hell? You're eating better than half the population with a propane stove. You are the McGyver of the camping world. nd what's with all this fancy food, no one in the office has ever even seen you eat (but drinking is a different story).