Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 12-Julie

Jeff and I were both up early in anticipation of a calm morning and hitting the water before the wind struck again. We were wrong!
At 630am the winds were just as bad as the night before. However, the waves were not so bad so we decided to go for it...well, Jeff did and I just followed.
We packed up fast and were on the water by 735am. Protein bars on the lake was breakfast today.
What...where's my bacon and eggs?! The "honeymoon" is over that's for sure...geish!!!

The 4km from where we were to Rideau Ferry were not good. Waves and side winds were bad. Not looking good for the day. We have 3 big lakes to cross!

Jeff in his expertise with lakes, tells me if we stay close to the shore we should be fine. I trust! Sure enough he was right. We actually had wind at our back most of the time and at some points no wind at all. Turned out to be one of our nicest and longest days of paddling so far!

I know we complain a lot about boats swamping us and not slowing down when they pass...this is the last complaint I promise!
So, I am paddling along and about 30 ft away from me a police boat passes on full plank and swamps me! WTF...a cop!!!! He swings around and checks a man in a boat to make sure he has all his safety kit. By now we have caught up. Well, doesn't the bastard gun it out of there and gets us again and a canoe up ahead of us!!! Arghhhhh...if anyone should know better its them! There, I'm done complaining now!

We were on the water for about 9 hrs today. Made up ground for yesterdays slow down. We even did an extra 6k just in case tomorrow is stormy. Suppose to rain.

Spending the night in Newboro Lock. Nicest spot so far. Great view of water from our tent...nice people...clean bath tub (lake)...and big grounds.

A family of about 30 people just showed up. 4 boats, a few cars, 7 tents, 4 dogs, music and a lot of screaming kids. Jeff...get out Bullwinkle...its gonna be a long night!!!

Miss you and love you Jade xoxoxo.

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  1. I'm thinkin to myself, "Self, I bet next year Julie opts for an all-inclusive beach holiday in Bermuda where the only paddling is the amount done from one side of the pool to the swim up bar".