Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 15-Julie

4am...generator still going full force...Jeff is pissed! We haven't slept all night! Away he goes to ask "Mr Boater" if he can please turn off! He acts surprised when Jeff says "we are camping right in front of you"! He says he will turn off...but he just turns down!!! Montreal Week...welcome to rude and inconsiderate people!

Up by the last of our eggs...lodge complaint to lock master...we weren't the only ones...and packed and on water by 915am

Water is calm...slight breeze at our backs...relaxing 19k today.
Boys have to stop at Seeley's Bay...last LCBO before we get home. And well...heck we have to celebrate last night tonight! Crack our first beer on water by 11 am...that's a in the kayak!

Got to Upper Brewers by 2 pm and set up....early day but we have lots of beer to drink ya know...last day and all!

Sat on dock and sun tanned all afternoon while listening to music and enjoying some "adult" beverages.

A couple from Burlington arrived in kayak and first words out of Jeff's mouth..."Want a beer". Bam...3 beers gone! He just lost Glen's vote for mayor! Give away anything but not the beer boy!!!
They are doing the same trip we just did and all they have is a tent, sleeping bag, a box of granola bars and a bag of trail mix. Nothing else! Only the clothes they wore as well! WTF! Needless to say, Jeff (mayor) gave them left over pasta, coffee, drink packs, and almost gave them my breakfast! Had to tackle him before he gave away everything! Told him if he gave away any Werthers we are through!!!

Not long after they showed up a couple of ex-military guys show up. They are kayaking to Ottawa to raise funds for soldiers who have been wounded in combat and are in need of special prosthetics for sports related activities. The site is Really nice guys doing a great thing for soldiers in need!

Ate last of pasta and cans of veggies. Down to 1 bag of food. We have lots of oatmeal and yogurt granola bars left. Kids will eat :). Other then that we did a great job of food planning.

Last night in tent...can't wait for bed tomorrow and shower!!! Even better...can't wait to see Tristan and more sleep!

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