Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 7-Julie

Good news...Raccoons have thumbs so they can open zippers and don't rip open my deck bag and destroy it!

Bad news....Raccoons love trail mix. They had a little buffet last night and opened my deck bag and proceeded to eat everything in it. They then opened front of my kayak and found our bag of snacks! They ate all of our trail mix, some protein bars, some fruit squishy, sesame snaps, and our licorice!!!

Good news...our kayaks are 1 bag lighter!

Bad news....Jeff has no treats and is grumpy!

Well, it didn't rain last night so we wouldn't have got wet if we slept with tarp off tent like we planned. However, Jeff couldn't relax as he feared being awaken to a rain storm and getting wet. So, on went tarp and in stayed heat!

Another hot day on the water but humidity is not as bad as yesterday. We paddled our 14k for the day which only takes us a couple of hours. We are staying in a place called Merrickville. "The Jewel Of The Rideau". The main street is lined with artists' studios, specialty boutiques and heritage architecture. And oh yeah...restaurants with licensed patios and cold drinks! We like it here :)

After checking out the shops and grabbing some lunch we stumbled upon a store with used books for $1.99. Jeff and I both agreed that our readers are the only thing we didn't pack that we should have. So, we grabbed ourselves a book each and spent the afternoon at the top of the lock reading and relaxing. Jeff actually slept in the hammock...I did the R&R.

Went to a Dicken's theme restaurant for dinner. On our way all the local hoodlums start making their way down to lock which makes us both a little nervous. Oh well, we have our valuables and the squirrels got the Werthers and Raccoons got all the much worse can it get?

Sitting on patio of main drag with all the locals. A little old couple passes and strike up conversation. Turns out he is 81 and an ex-pro cyclist. He still rides. An easy ride for him is 100k! He has rode Tour De France in his racing days. His son is head mechanic for Garmin race team and he is there right now. Very cool!!!!

Our other dining entertainment is couple behind us arguing over who danced with who at a wedding they attended....omg I'm so glad we don't fight! Not once in 7 yrs we've known each other! :). Jeff wants to tell guy he's not good looking enough to be telling his girlfriend "you're not going to win this one so don't even bother arguing". He decides not to...small town and the "pickins" are slim here!

Walk back to our tent is fun...the bats are out and in full flight! I'm terrified of bats for those of you who don't know me. One comes so close to us it almost touched me! Not sure why Jeff finds this funny? Just you wait boyfriend!!!

Get back to tent just after 9 and find another family has set up tents and took our picnic table. Arghhh...I said we should leave some stuff on it so we wouldn't lose it. When is that boy going to listen to me;)

Another great day on the Rideau!

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  1. If there had been any trail mix left, you could have left some on the picnic table.