Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 6 - Jeff

This is the life and couldn't get any better, as I type this, sitting under shaded trees with cool breeze off the lake, 38+ degrees without humidex but can hardly tell, Julie is currently sleeping in the hammock it's so comfortable where we have our camp set up. Hold on..... Gulp... Drink of cold beer (ok cool but still good) not having cooler sucks on days like this but each lock has a freezer and generally ok with putting stuff in it for us.
I woke up early again this morning, sometime just before 6am, got up so didn't wake Julie and went and got a morning coffee from McD's, after I chased the 50 geese away from our tent of course. One of the best coffees around, sat on a picnic table overlooking water and just enjoyed the morning, was really cool out, to the point I had to put a sweatshirt on, brrrrr.

Julie got up around 7 and we went to grab her some morning java as well, did get a chance to try out "Bullwinkle" (should have used on geese) Pesky seaguls, thwack, twack, take that you noisy little fu#*ers!  Julie was laughing cause I kept trying to sneak up on them for the money shot.

Packed up the Kayaks, which by the way have been named "Rocky" to match my "Bullwinkle" mascot which rides on top of Kayak and "Roxy" to match the name across one of the bikinis Julie has been sporting and I am subjected to look at every time she got out, poor Jeff, life is rough. Had breakfast at the "Roosteraunt" and set off just before 11.
Hold on, ah, quick swim... K, where was I, oh ya, paddling...

Today was a short day as I seem to think the remaining 10 days will be as well, so nice out and totally enjoying afternoons of relaxing and swimming.

Wind was about 30km and for the most part directly behind us, today was the first day where I noticed a difference not having a rudder and was windcocking all day, arggghh, few paddle adjustments and all good, took special care this morning to overload my boat and leave Julie nice and light, made a huge difference for her I think.
Last 6km was across the last lake (if you want to call it that) we see towards Ottawa, even got to ride some whitecaps on the way in, wish there was something special I could say but only so much you can do to spice up a 30 ft wide canal, scenery not bad but nothing to write home about, or in this case blog, seems as though the picturesque scenery is the way we came from, and while talking with other boaters it's much the same other than the cottages get more expensive.

In all we did around 14km and arrived at our destination around 2pm, then noticed the heat, wow, it's hot out, my weather station says 38+

Setup camp under a clump of trees, more like a forest with a ton of shade, can't imagine this heat in the city, spent the afternoon jumping in and out of the cool water and just relaxing, almost time to make dinner but first nice shower under the shaded trees, best 14.99 I ever spent.

Leaving the tent cover off tonight and sleeping under the stars. Kilmarnock Lock is beutiful.


  1. Kyle is here, says he'll laugh when it rains tonight!
    Sounds as though it's a perfect make it so inviting that I think I'll join you next year! bet you just spilled that drink all over you....

  2. I must try one of those McDonalds coffees, I hear they are quite good. Much better than the SLUDGE from Tim Horton's. Yeah that's right, I said it. Although it probably tastes like manna from heaven when you are roughing it.

    What, no fireflies tonight?