Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 13 - Jeff

Guess paddling 30+km will make you tired and sleep because we didn't hear the party that was going on across the canal from us, from what I heard in the morning it was quite the hoe-down.

While waiting for Julie to come back from washroom and have breakfast I notice Julie's day-time nemesis, water snake (night-time is bats) I get "bullwinlkle" and load up my ammunition, time to go hunting, first shot thwaak, splash, miss high two inches, ok zeroed in, I pull back my mighty rubber band equipped death from above slingshot like a 1970's ninja B movie star and release with high expectations, thwaak, zing, right on the head, woohooo, oh wait, wtf? Didn't even flinch, arrggghhh, upgrading next year, personal protection "Bullwinkle" is not, should have gotten out my bear bangers or even a good whack with a paddle....

As you can see from above the day was pretty uneventful, looked like rain and even put hear back in tent at one point, once packed the rest of the day was beautiful, clear skies and a little wind in the face but nothing crazy, it was a really short day of paddling as we are scheduled to meet Glen at Chaffey's Lock tonight.

Spent the day literally lying in the grass under the sun with a book and a drink, Julie got in a couple of naps and we just had a nice relaxing time off the water.

Glen showed up around 6 with Beer and homemade cookies, though the hint "make sure you stop and get us a tims on the way" was pretty clear but obviously not! Oh well cold beer it is.

We unpack Glen's truck, help his setup and organize, have dinner and shoot the breeze so to speak until about 10:30, time for bed, been an exhausting day.

Looks nice out and there are a million stars, promises to be a nice day tomorrow

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