Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 3-Julie

BAM!!! 5am and get shot out of bed by the most intense Thunder and lightning storm ever! Thank God tent holds up to the wind and rain...completely waterproof...but, not spider proof! Eeek!

I get up and rolling just after 8...to find Jeff with a big smile to greet me at the picnic table. Apparently he's been up for a while. He was first in line at store to get smokes (3 packs...don't want to run out) and alcohol! Today is going to be a good day!

Hit the water around noon and have a great easy (17k) day of paddling. Hit Narrows about 3pm set-up and have a nice cold cooler! Ahhhhh....thank you Jeff xo.

Nicest lock master ever here. Let's us throw beer in freezer and charge phones in his office. Very friendly!
Meet a couple from Sarnia who are also kayaking. Jeff offers them a cold beer and they gladly chug back! Probably because they didn't bring much food or drinks! Pop tarts and trail mix and oatmeal! Hmmmm..."Tonight honey we are having gourmet dinner...trail mix with smarties"! I felt "upper-class" eating my tin of salmon and canned veggies in front of them. OMG...I am so lucky I have Jeff to take care of me!

So peaceful on the water...listening to my favorite sound of Loons, the hum of boats, water splashing on the shore!
Then, some idiot has to spoil it by running his generator on boat until 11:30pm. Go back to the city Buddy!

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