Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 9 - Jeff

Slept like a baby but again up early, this time about 5:30, I think Julie keeps kicking me and waking me up, I will have to snore louder as a precautionary tactic although, this may result in reverse effect, more kicks.
Watched local Rotary club setup for annual pancake breakfast at the lock, local minister brings his congregation down to the water for mass and breakfast, in typical fashion all the women were busy making food and the men were sitting watching, when I point out my observation an older man says "we are supervising". Recall a Seinfeld episode "No Soup for you, next"

Julie up around 7 and we have a nice conversation with a local lady who swore she saw us the day before as she was sitting on the dock and we waved, didn't have the heart to tell her we haven't been that way yet as she seemed to enjoy meeting us after seeing us. She did tell us of her trip, her and her husband started in France, walked over the mountains and across Spain, almost 1000km in 36 days, cool, no Julie we aren't walking anywhere! Did find out there is a bike/walking trail that follows the Rideau Canal from Kingston to Ottawa, that might be neat.

On the water by 9:30, on the homeward leg now, thanks for the offer to ferry us along Mom but we are happy with going back to Kingston at this point. Julie convinced me to wear long sleeve due to overcast and cool morning, within minutes, hot and muggy, julie whips off her top (cool sports top under) and now I'm stuck in winter clothing for the rest of the day, going to stop listening to Julie now.

For some reason the scenery looks better going back, same swamps but somehow doesn't look as "nasty". Was a beautiful day for paddling and we both thought we might just head on through Merrickville and keep paddling, glad we didn't if you look outside right now (save that for tomorrow's post)

Locked through the 3 locks at Merrickville by 1 and setup tent alongside bunch of people having a picnic, who seemed to offer anybody walking by fresh garden wares, except for us of course, I guess at this point we both look unkempt and probably a little ripe, don't blame them.

Grocery shop for fresh lunch/dinner food, hit the patio for cold rye/beer and then for cool swim, one of the most noticeable differences between Trent/Rideau is that most of the locks on the Rideau are in swampy areas and therefore a challenge to find suitable swimming area (never an issue on the Trent)

Relaxed for the afternoon then hit the local pub for grub and live entertainment, two older gentlemen singing really old songs, they were a hoot and was very enjoyable, kept having to google the songs to know who they were.

Did have a funny/pathetic incident in the locks, family who just purchased a smallish older boat and out for first trip (and first lock) was having difficulty getting in, expected given experience. Pathetic part is there was a 49 foot Meridian behind him who was totally pissed off, kept making comments to the other boat and lock staff. It's like buddy relax, we don't all have Million dollar yachts with forward/rear thrusters with hand held remote and twin 380hp engines, this continued through the 3 locks. Funny part, he was complaining that every time the older boat started black smoke came out and was touching his precious boat, then he started and black smoke came out side exhaust vents (did I mention we were moored beside?). What a tool, if I had my keys I would have keyed the side, at least 45 footer, a record, flashback to first trip and whacking boater with paddle who swamped little kyle over the rocks

In tent by 10 and ready for another day of paddling.

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  1. mmmm cold rye. Gotta stock up on those breakfast provisions. Although I prefer cold gin.

    Key their boat? DO IT!. Good to know there are well deserving a-holes that navigate their water cruisers the same way they operate their land cruisers. You should have come at that guy like a spider monkey, or used your oar like a bow staff. I'm getting angry just writing this, lets just move on...