Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 2-Julie

Slept like crap last night...gonna be a long day!
Hot hot hot....eggs and bacon for breakfast and off we go......
Within 500 meters of where we were staying the water turned from green sludge to dark clear beautiful inviting water! Thank God!
I would compare the scenery today to that of Muskoka. Absolutely beautiful!

Our first destination is Jones Falls. We got there around 1:30 which meant we would make it to Chaffey's (which is 12k away) in plenty of time to get Jeff some smokes! Poor guy hasn't had cigarettes in a day and a half!
Well, if it didn't take 3 hrs to get through this lock station we'd be ok!
When we finally made it through the 4th lock here (there are 4 together) a very nice man offered Jeff a smoke. Thank you, thank you, thank you! He must have recognized a fellow smoker going through withdrawal!

Finally at 430 we are on our way. By now the afternoon winds have picked up and we have 2 lakes to cross. Let's just say I had flash backs of Lake Couchiching! All this so we could get to a town with a store for smokes and alcohol!
6:0?pm we get to Chaffey's. Stores closed at 6!!! Damn!

We did find a restaurant and decided to treat ourselves after a hard day. Whew just made it...745 and it closes at 8! Oh And liquor license! They did however have the best pork chops(sorry Lily) I've had in a long time!
Coffee to go (in a 2 shot cup) smallest coffee I've ever had.

Time to get this day over with! Luck has not been on or side today.
In our tent now underneath a Street light. Feels like its noon its so bright!
Oh, and did I mention its suppose to thunder and lightning tonight!

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