Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 13-Julie

Up at sunrise...beautiful morning! Great nights sleep and ready for the day. Eggs and bacon are back in my life...woohoo! Jeff has redeemed himself :)

On water by 844 am and straight into wind. Doesn't matter which way we turn today...wind is in our face!
A short day of paddling...9km and we land at Chaffey's for the day. Done by 11 am. Set up, put on bikini and hit the LCBO. Day of relaxation and sun tanning is in order.
For some reason Jeff believes that once he opens a drink he can't put a lid back on it! It has happened several times where he has drink in hand and starts to look at something and tips drink in hand and spills everywhere. First time...ok...2nd time...not so bad...but 17th time and strawberry cooler goes all over me and my towel, not so cute anymore! Put a lid on it boy!!!!!!

We stopped earlier today because my friend Glen will be joining us tonight for our last 3 days of paddling. Excited to see him and show him what this experience is like. He and I rode our bikes down the BAHA in Mexico from Santa Rosa Lita to Cabo San Lucas. 800 km. So, he loves a great adventure just like we do! Sure he will love this!

Glen arrived around 6pm. Gave him a tour and cooked him a gourmet dinner. Pasta, mushrooms, and veggies.
He brought cold beer...we like Glen :)

Just hung out and chatted most of the night. Got eaten alive by mosquitoes!

Nice relaxing day. Not to much to report....until tomorrow......:)

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