Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What's Next?

Julie keeps telling me to go alone next year to do the Georgian Bay trip as she knows that's still on my list and I have it all planned out from two years ago, she also knows she isn't about to do it with me. Have to admit, it's tempting because I still want to do it but in the end I much prefer having her with me on these trips, it's so much nicer to have someone to share the experience with and I couldn't ask for a better paddle partner, 2 multi-week kayak trips under our belt and not one argument or disagreement, we just gel and can't ask for anything better than that. Sorry, Julie Solo-Georgian is out and as long as you are still in we will find an alternative.

There a million places I want to paddle, all in due time... there are two front runners at the moment although that could change between now and next summer.

Georgian Bay with the Kids

We both want to bring our kids, Braedon & Caleb (mine) and Tristan & Jade (hers), that will depend mostly on my kids schedules, they both attend their own canoe excursions into Algonquin Park and next year Braedon has a 60 day trip planned so they may not be able to join us. If it works out then we will use vehicles as a base camp, start off in southern Georgian Bay and paddle a few days in various spots, Honey Harbor, Parry Sound, Point Au Baril, French River, Killarney then ferry over to Tobbermory to finish off. As these trips will be in the inner islands there is less chance of being hit by weather and fury of Georgian Bay waves.

Hudson River Watershed Trail (Albany to New York City)

Not enough time and too many kilometers to do the entire route from Niagara Falls down to NYC across the Erie Canal system so thinking of starting in Albany and following the Hudson down to the Atlantic in New York City, sounds pretty cool and is about the same distance as the Trent trip, ~400km, will need an extra week though as the logistics of travel will need some careful planning and would like to spend some time in NYC, how cool to paddle down and around the Statue of Liberty. I'm in and plus, I want to paddle ocean a bit cause I have my ultimate Kayak trip in mind and will need some experience.

Will setup our new blog once we have made a decision.

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