Monday, August 1, 2011

Gear Review - Kayaks

Julie's kayak was a Seaward Cosma, same one as last year so you can check out review from last year if interested.

Mine was a slightly larger boat, Seaward Quantum, overall boat was amazing, at first I though skeg vs rudder would be noticeable but really wasn't, had no issues paddling and with skeg down tracked straight, wind off the bow caused it to windcock a bit but nothing too bad, just had to adjust paddle stroke. For some reason I found this boat to be the least stable when sitting, always seemed to keel over with slightest move, had top really pay attention getting in and out. Was very fast though, even fully loaded, no wind, no current could comfortably paddle at around 8km/h.

I do know I don't want a skeg when I buy mine, only because the skeg and cable take too much room from the rear hatch and can't pack the tent, which is my preferred spot, ended up packing pillows as was the only things that fit, we had four so worked out well.

Still found the cockpit a little cramped with limited storage space, would like a little more room, and a padded seat.

Did find my kayak to buy though, Seaward Tylee, 17' Extra Volume and spacious cockpit, in front of feet (for beer cooler), sides and back of seat, nice boat, the extra volume means I can pack more, smart rudder system, big hatches front and rear, no 3rd day hatch, real hatch covers, not those snap in rubber tupperware things, sexy boat, checked it out when I returned the rentals, looked like I could pack everything I had in both boats into this one, oh and padded seat :)

Might have to go back and finally buy one, renting for the last 3 years has really showed me what I want in a kayak, the Tylee meets everything I want.

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